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Dale Tyson
Real Estate Entrepreneur

US Local (713) 510-0254
US Toll free (800) 892-1535
Canada (587) 315-4251


Welcome to my website.

I'm currently involved in various areas and types of real estate.
I work with partners and do joint ventures on some properties. I bought my first property in 2004 and went full time in 2012 after leaving Hewlett Packard as a Program Manager.

My primary strategy is to buy, rehab, and hold to for larger equity and longer cashflow. I have partners and associates with some of my properties.

What I really like to do is take 40 + year old properties in popular areas and add more living space and do full renovation keeping much of the original character while adding some modern touches.   

Here is a picture of one major rehab that I converted to a 3/2, total kitchen remodel, changed all the electrical and inside plumbing, and much more.  Click on the picture or following a link to a Skydrive site with all the slides, and to another major rehab.
You do not need to register or log-in the view the slides.

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There is a Product and Services page with the different aspects of real estate and activities I'm involved with.

If you are involved with "any type of real estate business" and would like to be added to my database, please go to
www.ktminvestors.com. This site is only to gather information about you, what you are doing, what you want to do, and what do you need. It does not matter if you are doing wholesaling or have a office build you want or have for sale across the USA or Canada This list allows me some automation to closely match needs and opportunities. I may share with people who have deals or good real estate information you may be interested in - no blasting. 

Here is a link to my primary company doing real estate investing across the USA and Canada - www.ktmcapitalpartners.com.

Here are some pictures of me presenting my Residential Care Investing information, and having the ability to listen and learn from known and less known people, get a picture and have time to talk with some of them during meals and special occasions. Some allow me to send investment opportunities.

Dale presenting his
Residential Care Investing information


Dale interviewing George Ross                               
real estate attrorney and Sr VP                                         
and partner with Donald Trump
about Real Estate Investing for
Residential Care

JT Foxx at Trump International
New York, NY

Eric Trump
real estate and businesses


Katy Ireland
former Super model
serial global business women

Steve Wozniak
co-founder of Apple Computer

and multiple business ventures

Greg Reid
Selected by Napolean Hill Foundation
to write Three Feet From Gold 
as a follow up to Think and Grow Rich


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